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Supreme Back Elite

Supreme Back Elite

Sharp back pain shooting down your spine? We do not like it either. That's why we created our Premium Quality Back Brace.

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Lower Back Pain?

Can you imagine what it would feel like to live without discomfort?

How would life look if you could be active and free from soreness, like you were in your 20's and 30's...

Rescue your Future Self

Not only will a back brace help alleviate any current pain or discomfort, but it also prevents future problems from developing.

By using a back brace regularly, you can maintain a healthy back as you age.

Our Brace Solves These Back Problems

These common back problems often start from extended periods spent sitting or standing.

How Does It Work?

✅ The brace is designed to give you first class support for your lower back.

✅ This means the brace fortifies your fatigued muscles and prevents you from going to those painful positions and angles.

✅ Due to its reinforcing nature, the brace also works as a posture corrector.

The Best Solution for Work!

If you spend long hours sitting or standing at work and experience discomfort, you need a back brace. As it supports your lower back thoroughly, improving your blood circulation and posture while reducing muscle strain and fatigue.

Whether you're A Hairdresser, Uber Driver or Freelance Writer, a back brace will help you feel comfortable and supported All Day Long. Goodbye to back pain and future back problems!

Invest in your Well-Being!

➔ When your job or hobby requires you to spend long hours on your feet or sitting down, back pain often is a Major Problem.

➔ Your back is essential to your ability to work and earn a living. With our back brace, you can help prevent injury and stay on track to achieve your goals.

➔ So you can stay Active and spend Quality Time with your kids and grandkids for years to come! 😍

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The Sizing

S ➔ 23-29"

M ➔ 29-37"

L ➔ 37-45"

XL ➔ 45-51"

XXL ➔ 51-66"

Sizing measured at the waist, If you find yourself at the top end of a measurement, we suggest sizing up for a better fit.


      ✅ Does back brace help with lower back pain?

      Yes, the best relief from lower back pain without prescribed medication is Our Back Brace. With your back reinforced by our brace, you will automatically assume a Healthy Posture, helping you avoid those angles that are painful for your back.

      A Brace will also Save you a lot on Expensive Prescription Medicine, not to mention the other issues they might bring about.

      ✅ Why focus on Lumbar support?

      Your lumbar spine consists of the five bones (Vertebra) in your lower back. Your lumbar vertebrae, known as L1 to L5, are the largest of your entire spine. The location and posture of the spine is critical as Lots of preasure and weight is put on your lower back.

      It is Critical you Fortify this area of your back as everyone wants their back able to function when they get older.

      ✅ How does the brace support your back?

      The brace Fortifies your fatigued muscles and prevents you from going to painful positions and angles. This is great when your fatigued muscles cannot fully support you, our brace will pick up the slack.

      ✅ What sizes are available?

      S ➔ 23 inches to 29 inches (USA) or 60cm to 75 cm (EU)
      M ➔ 29 inches to 37 inches (USA) or 75cm to 95 cm (EU)
      L ➔ 37 inches to 45 inches (USA) or 95cm to 115 cm (EU)
      XL ➔ 45 inches to 51 icnhes (USA) or 115cm to 130 cm (EU)
      XXL ➔ 51 inches to 66 inches (USA) or 130cm to 170 cm (EU)

      ✅ Can I use this brace to improve my posture?

      Yes, our back brace gives a great boost to your posture by wrapping tightly around your lower back, fortifying it and keeping it Straight.

      This is crucial for anyone who spends a lot of time Sitting or Standing.

      ✅ Can this brace help with Scoliosis?

      Yes, it can. Our brace will Gently Push your back into a straighter position and will help with the alignment of your spine in the long term. However, this is usually a longer process and will take its time.

      ✅ Can this brace help with a Herniated or Bulging Disc?

      In the case of a spinal disc breaking down or herniating, using a brace will help Stabilize and Decrease micro-movements at the specific spinal area. Additionally, it will be helpful to utilize a back brace to restrict Bending and Twisting while also providing support for some of the weight that the affected discs usually handle.

      It is recommended that you check with your doctor if a back brace is right for you.

      Certain angles with herniated or bulging discs can be very painful, but fear not as our brace will Make Sure your spine is in a Healthy Posture.

      ✅ What are the materials?

      We use High Quality materials to ensure a long life and durability for our back brace.


      • 60% Polyester
      • 20% Nylon
      • 15% Metal
      • 5% Thermoplastic

      ✅ Do you offer free shipping?

      Yes! We ship Internationally with a fast and secure delivery. You get Free shipping on your first order! 📦